If you are yearning for untroubled bliss, away from the urban cacophony, then spend few days on this serene, paradise   – Maldives the ultimate getaway!   Viewed from the air, Maldives  looks like an exquisite jade necklace on the azure ocean.  

Maldives are a group of more than thousand small and big  breathtakingly beautiful atolls (a group of islands formed by coral reefs)  in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives archipelago is nothing less than a  wonder of the world. The total land surface is  merely 298 sq km – equivalent to a medium sized city. !  A slice of heaven on earth, MALDIVES IS THE ULTIMATE GETAWAY that bolsters the mind, body and soul.

To begin with it  was  the  shortest international trip (in terms of travel time) I have taken till now  – a cool two and a half hours flight from Bangalore. Landing on the shortest runway and then spending the next 3 days on the most exotic  haven was enamouring!!  Tourism is one of the main source of livelihood in Maldives . As such number of these  isles have been transformed into  high end resorts,  making every tourists dream come true.

On arriving into Maldives, as the plane descends  the sole  view  mid air  is  the infinite  expanse of the aquamarine  ocean dotted with these  emerald isles. Each of these islands are  encircled by the `halo’ of the  silky  smooth,  white sand.


Situated in the middle of the Indian ocean, my  abode for the next three days was  the luxurious Coral Reef Resort.  The hotel provides  a  complimentary  motor  boat facility for picking up and seeing off guests.   This 45 minute  journey  turned out to be a fun, roller coaster ride .Everywhere you looked the water was bathed in varied  shades of blue ,  with verdant  palm tree covered islands strewn all over. The speed at which the boat  zipped  treacherously on the  waves,  my heart skipped a beat.  I heaved a sigh of relief on finally reaching my destination.  The entire resort occupies an exclusive island within a  radius of 6 km .

My posh sea facing villa had stunning vistas, and was built bang on top of the sea. Wooden stairs from the veranda, leading down into the crystal clear, green waters of the sea  was truly inviting !


Scuba diving and snorkelling equipments  were  provided by the hotel. Without much ado,  I changed and plunged  into the  ocean. The cool water was therapeutic in the hot sun. This was the most incredible  experience – the  views  underwater just blew my mind. There were so   many different species  of rainbow hued  fish  darting about. Though the coral reefs were not what I expected, they were a dull grey color.

Do you cherish the idea of spending your holiday in the midst of the serene ocean ? Being lulled to sleep with the gentle ebb and flow of the waves , and waking up to an intoxicating breath of fresh air.  If spending a leisurly  day in the turquoise, refreshing water,  amidst  marine creatures is inticing ,  then this resort  island in the Maldives  is   the number one holiday destination.

Spend the evening, merely sitting  in the lap of nature, on the pristine beach.  Or on the  slanting branch of a palm tree ( bent sideways  with the action of wind and waves),  as  the fiery sun disappears  into  the horizon……where time stands still!

There’s lots more to do in Maldives,  apart from water activities. You can even  enjoy  an amazing submarine ride, that takes you  20 feet underwater inside the ocean . It is fun admiring  the myriad colourful fish, turtles and other marine creatures . 


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