GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA  – One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

A trip to the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is like experiencing the joys of life in all its glory. Sun, sand, scenic beach, combined with the glitz and glamour of a swanky metro! As the plane descended onto our destination, the incredible view of the glimmering ocean below and the silhouette of the towering skyscrapers in the backdrop was awe-inspiring.

Gold Coast is quite a compact place, as such easy to get
around. It also has the privilege of having one of the longest and
cleanest beaches in the entire continent. A popular escape for tourists
who flock here from around the world, reveling in the soothing views,
as the frothy waves ebb and flow on the smooth white sand.

City Vibes

A late-night stroll in the area adjacent to the beach, which is the heart
of the city, is refreshing and worth a visit. It transforms into a lively,
happening, brightly illuminated place in the night, where people freely
frolic around eating, drinking in gay abandonment, and merrily singing
and dancing.

A must-visit spot in Gold Coast is its topmost structure – the Skydeck.
Get great views of the breathtaking coastline from here, whilst taking a
coffee break at the lounge!

GOA – One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches Of India

Goa, the land of sand, surf, and serenity, is a holiday destination in
India, that appeals much to all age groups. As we headed to this most beautiful beach, on a monsoon get-away, the enchanting moments captured for eternity.

Lush greenery, languorous sea waves lapping against the hill-side. Or as
you turn down-hill, the breath-taking view of a vast, green field with a
neat, white-washed church in the midst of it is soul-stirring. As we traversed the smooth, winding roads of the city,   beautiful  Portuguese style villa-like cottages, in vibrant colors on both sides of the tree-lined roads look so elegant.

Famous Beaches

 Spending ample time on the beaches of Goa is the best way to enjoy the place and feel its vibe. Numerous, colorfully decorated shacks(restaurants) dot the marvelous Calangute beach (one of the cleanest beaches), reverberating with music and hordes of Indian and foreign tourists. These shacks even provide beach chairs with a canopy to weary travelers, accompanied by a piping hot, sumptuous meal that ensures a  relaxed, rejuvenating holiday. Before you realize it the gentle murmur of the waves and the subtle blowing wind may surely lull you to sleep!

Must Try Goanese Cuisine

A trip to any place is incomplete without a taste of their local food. One specialty of Goanese cuisine is the `vindaloo’, which is a type of spicy curry in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. This dish is quite popular here and in the surrounding Konkan region. Another local favorite is the delicious prawn curry cooked in coconut milk and other spices, this goes well with rice. Goa being a coastal town, a wide variety of exotic fish is available here –including crab and lobster. So for sea-food connoisseurs, this is an ideal holiday destination.

Langkawi, Malaysia – The Most Beautiful Beach In South East Asia

A half-hour flight from the capital Kuala Lumpur, the main beach of Langkawi is quite a happening,  lively spot, teeming with joyful tourists. engaged in watersports, beach volleyball, boat rides, and a bunch of other activities. Foliage covered jade hillocks, rising from the sun-kissed pristine waters of the Andaman sea is a unique sight to behold.

Indulge In Shopping

As with most beach destinations, the entrance to this beach too has hordes of shops selling local stuff, souvenirs, and trinkets at reasonable prices. Do engage in some retail therapy; worth buying is the hand-made, tie-dye colorful t-shirts/apparels, which is a special craft of this region. Malaysia is well known as a shopping hub too. It’s huge malls are quite popular with tourists. Clothes, footwear, electronic items, variety of chocolates, handicrafts and souvenirs at reasonable prices are worth buying.

As true of destinations having a tropical climate, the weather quickly transformed from clear blue skies to one overcast with dark clouds and strong winds. Caught unaware in the sudden downpour and without umbrellas or raincoats, we were completely drenched. A word of advice to travelers planning a trip to this part of the planet is to always carry rain gears, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Beaches are my all-time favorite holiday destination, bolstering physical and mental well-being. And If it is to the most beautiful beaches in the world the experience is definitely enhanced.





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