About Me

Hi! Welcome to my website Travelsimplygo!

 I am a writer, blogger on travel, lifestyle and wellness. An avid traveller and a prolific writer, I have written about my travel escapades and share useful travel tips, tourist spots worth visiting, highly recommended sight-seeing places in my blogs. I have visited most of the major continents – North America, Europe, Australia, Asia including UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Maldives.  

From being a contributor to freelance writer and ultimately the creator of my website has been an enriching and exciting journey.

An inclination towards academics is evident from my educational background of a Post Graduate in English Literature and MBA(HR). Working in the corporate sector for few years, I realized that being in a full time, 9 to 5 job was not my forte, as there wasn’t any opportunity for my creativity to thrive.

 The appreciation of my writing style and content has been a motivating factor. I am truly thankful for the encouragement from everyone!  I’d love to write engaging content on topics related to travel/ lifestyle/food/wellness. 

I am also a yoga practitioner and vouch for its immense health benefits. I highly recommend this form of ancient wellness technique for complete relaxation of the body, mind and soul. Would definitely share some of the asanas in my future blogs.

Another area that  I am inclined towards and in the future would be interested in being involved with is the protection of wildlife.