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Home remedies for an ailment like migraine is not only safe but is more effective too. Migraine is not simply a `headache’ but is much more than that. This kind of medical condition cannot be tackled by merely popping an over-the-counter drug but the treatment needs to be a more holistic one. Since allopathic medicines are not recommended in the long run and they do have side effects. It is advisable to go for home remedies and use items that are easily available in every household. 

                                                Nowadays Naturopathy and Ayurveda are gaining in popularity as a stream of treatment which is quite effective, using natural ingredients, like, herbs, oils and some spices. Ayurveda and Naturopathy are ancient Indian science of holistic healing on all arenas of well-being comprising body, mind and soul. It is widely believed that ailments to a large extent are related to our mental well -being. It is imperative to have a healthy mind to have a strong and healthy body.     


Five highly effective methods which can be easily followed at home to cure migraine are enlisted below: 


  • Migraine is usually due to poor blood flow, hence head massage with warm herbal oil goes a long way in giving relief. This needs to be followed by adequate rest and sleep. Peppermint oil is one such oil that helps to open and close the vessels that promote blood flow and allows more oxygen in the bloodstream. There are specific reflex points where this massage has to be given, specifically, at the back of the head and at the base of the skull to alleviate the pain.  
  •  Secondly, inhaling vapors of lavender oil is a very effective remedy for migraine. Boil two to four drops of lavender oil in two to three cups of water and inhale it. This oil can also be applied externally without diluting it.   
  •  Ginger is another ingredient which is very effective in treating not only migraine but a host of other problems like cold and cough. A good remedy would be to boil fresh ginger along with some green tea and sip it; this gives instant relief from the pain. 

Ginger Tea

  • Some forms of migraine are caused by inflammation which can be reduced by consuming omega-3 fatty acids found in flax-seeds. These seeds can either be ground or eaten whole. Flax seed oil has several medicinal properties. 


  •  Finally, alternative therapies like acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology are known to be beneficial in treating various ailments. These get to the root of the problem and hence have long term benefits. Specific points on the hands and feet are supposed to be connected with different organs. Reflexology involves applying pressure on these points to open the meridians and chakras thus allowing free flow of energy and giving relief from a number of symptoms. 

                                       In conclusion, prevention is always better than cure. So even before any form of physical problem crops up, we need to avoid them by following a simple lifestyle (avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking) minimizing the intake of sweet and salt. Practicing meditation, yoga and exercising regularly too have immense benefits. 


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