No matter what color of skin you have, fortunate are people who are endowed with a healthy, glowing complexion. A perfect skin not only enhances our appearance and personality but also boosts our confidence. Equally important is maintaining a healthy, clean complexion. This need not be a Herculean task, though does requires some effort on a day-to-day basis. 

Most skin problems nowadays can be attributed to multiple factors such as stress, pollution, use of chemicals or a faulty diet. And most important not  taking care due to a hectic schedule! 

Enlisted below are some skin care secrets and DIY tips : – 

a) A basic must-do regimen which can be easily followed everyday is moisturizing the skin with a good quality moisturizer suitable for your skin type. If you don’t make it simple you will not do it everyday. Make a superior quality moisturizer with high sun protection factor your best friend. Apply it before stepping out of the house to protect the skin. 

Skin care

b) Having beautiful skin is very much associated with optimum health and inner well-being.

Imbibing a habit of regular exercises and work-outs have shown to reduce acne and wrinkles. Any form of exercise increases blood supply and oxygen to the skin. Working out for even 2 to 3 times in a week, flushes out toxins and is sufficient for a dewy, youthful skin. 


c) A very simple, skin care ritual, the items for which are easily available in every household – milk and rose water. This combination has been used since ages as part of the feminine beauty regimen. Applying this combination on the skin and washing off after 20 minutes, imparts a natural glow and suppleness to the skin. Also rose water and honey give excellent results. 

d) Aloe vera plant, an ayurvedic herb, has excellent medicinal properties. Taking this juice (20 ml) twice a day improves the texture of your skin, making it smooth and blemish free. The gel of this plant can also be put on the face .

e) One important aspect of a healthy skin is nourishment and diet. Including lot of fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables are very beneficial to not only our skin but over all health . These are a source of `anti-oxidants’ known to have tremendous health benefits. To a great extent, beauty lies within us, so nourishment of the body is most essential.

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