Top 10 Italian dishes

“Top 10 Italian dishes”

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Food is said to be a unifying  factor that not merely invigorates our taste buds, is delectable, and most important brings together people, countries and cultures! One such drool worthy cuisine that we all love is Italian cuisine. This blog is a guide on the best food in Italy.

As a tourist visiting Italy for the first time, looking forward to gorging on your all-time favorite dishes – pasta and pizza is evident. And to be having this delightful food in the place of its origin adds so much zing and spice!

Similar to most world cuisines, Italian food too has a deep-rooted connection to the culture and tradition of the region. Made using locally grown, fresh vegetables and ingredients, that enhances the taste and flavors. The best part is that it caters to every palette, hence so popular. 

 This blog is not just about food but an ultimate meal experience that touches all the senses and enriches your travel. Visually appealing, exquisitely presented local delicacies in rich, varied colors, emanating distinctive aromas of herbs and spices. Not just appealing to the taste buds, filling our hearts with happiness! 


The ocean-front town of Naples, is the place of the  origin of pizza. Particularly, the pizza margherita is a specialty here. The joys of having authentic, sizzling hot pizza sitting in a café overlooking the Mediterranean sea, in  Naples is surely out of the world.

Margherita pizzaMargherita pizzaPizza Italy


As far as the history of this Italian dish is concerned, it was first made in honor of Queen Margherita  as a `flat bread with toppings of cheese, tomato sauce and basil’. Later the same classic dish  diversified with so many types of toppings and crust…. a dish that is so delicious and popular across the world. 


It was an unplanned trip to Naples that we undertook from Rome , nevertheless were glad that we did it. Enjoying the  two-and-a-half-hour car ride, with views of the dormant volcano Mt. Vesuvius was absolutely captivating. Fortunate of getting a chance to gorge on the best pizza, in the place where it was first made. What more could anyone seek?!

So lets learn more about

“Top 10 Italian dishes”

The sea facing boulevard of Naples is famous for its line up of pizza joints. Isn’t it an incredible feeling of having this Italian dish, straight out of the wood fire oven, gazing at the views of the ocean as the setting sun disappeared over the horizon? One piece of advice for tourists, please check the timings of these restaurants, as most close in the afternoons and reopen again in the evening.  

A trip to this Mediterranean getaway is incomplete without visiting the nearby ruins of Pompeii. A remarkable archaeological site. It’s the town that got buried under volcanic ash from the then active volcano Mt. Vesuvius thousands of years ago. 

It’s the overall dining experience that people are looking for – one that satisfies your palate,  elevates your mood and soothes your soul. The culture of having an outside seating arrangement in restaurants is quite popular in Europe. You will find multitudes of outlets, where you can relish a hearty meal, whilst enjoying a fine view. 




We had our fair share of sightseeing around the historical wonders of the Italian capital since morning and were famished. One of the café’s that we came across and chose to have lunch at, in the capital of Italy, was a famous café in Piazza Navona. Sitting outdoors under a pretty canopy, and a well laid out table, of this decades old café, taking in the panoramic views of fountains and surrounding gothic structures. You’ll surely get the real taste of Italy here  – creamy spaghetti with loads of cheese, accompanied with bruschetta (a kind of garlic bread topped with tomatoes and vegetables), adding that zing! This was the best comfort food for the soul. 

Bruschetta and Focaccia 

Bruschetta is similar to cheese garlic bread with loads of different vegetables (jalapenos, mushrooms, bell peppers, avocado) or meat on top. It is a favorite starter and available anywhere in the world you go. Focaccia is another kind of Italian flat bread, with a layer of olive oil and different types of herbs sprinkled on top. This is a specialty of Italy and mostly available in the shoe-shaped country. 



A baked, cheesy dish which is a complete meal in itself. Relish this delicacy in a cute restaurant in one of the alleys in Venice, below a bridge!! There is nothing more fulfilling than having a delicious meal in a great ambience, unwinding, beside the flowing, waterways. 

Venice is also known for its sea food

An incredible assortment of fresh fish to choose from. Being a fish lover, the whole fish platter that I had here was the best ever. The fish is first marinated in different spices, herbs and olive oil and then grilled. Garnished with lemon, onions, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and laid out on a colorful platter. This was the most magical  presentation of an absolutely juicy, succulent and flavorful dish!! 

Another unique variation comes in the form of an exotic cold fish salad. A medley of fish – salmon, shrimp, prawn all mixed together with lettuce, and a bunch of greens.  


Is a classic dessert of Italy, what better way to end a meal than to have this yummy treat.  


Gelato ice-cream is a specialty in this part of the world. Though, I don’t have a sweet tooth. Nevertheless throughout my stay, couldn’t refrain from entering the ice-cream parlors whilst roaming the streets, selling so many different flavors of the creamy, cool dessert. 

The entire trip to Italy was an unforgettable experience, possible more so with all the tasty Italian grub that we ate.

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