Travel Trends


As the world is recovering from the onslaught of a pandemic, travel is slowly though surely making a comeback. At this stage, however,  everyone is treading carefully. Depending on guidelines followed by the EDC, countries are opening borders at their own pace . In this situation, what is trending in travel and what people are looking for, is what this blog is all about. The tourism industry too is going through it’s biggest shift ever, as it needs to adapt to revised health and safety measures. 

Before making any travel program, in the post covid era, we need to be very cautious than ever before.  Know in detail about the place – government regulation, health situation and of course your own intuition. Amidst the uncertainty of the situation, travel trends are surely towards slow travel, longer duration  and bubble destinations. 

Travel Trends

What is trending in travel in 2021 ? 

As the tourism sector too is adapting to these changes, travelers would be taking it easy. Working together in co-ordination for the benefit of both parties. 

Travel bubble –  visiting  places with which your country has a travel bubble or corridor, seems the most logical step for overall protection and spread of the virus. A Pacific bubble created between Australia,  New Zealand, Singapore, and islands in the Pacific ocean – Fiji, Vanuatu and few others, allow residents to  travel freely  between these zones/ belt , without having to follow the fourteen day mandatory quarantine. 

Workcation – workcation is the latest travel trend to have gained momentum. With flexibility in people’s work schedule and being stuck at home for over a year now, people are preferring to go on an extended vacation where they can combine work and relaxation. As such, hotels and resorts are scaling up for the new requirements and coming up with innovative ideas to satisfy guests. Resorts like the Anantara Veli Maldives are already offering tourists an unlimited stay. 

Emphasis is on luxurious, indulgent trips – after a chaotic year full of ups and downs, holidaymakers  long to rejuvenate  their mind, body and spirits completely.   As such luxury and spa getaways where they can recharge or a  peaceful yoga/ meditation retreat  seem be ideal. 

Family reunion – being separated from loved ones for quite a while now. Meeting family and connecting with friends has become the top priority. This in fact is the safest type of travel as it is most likely within your own country, so social distancing norm is adhered to. Additionally,  all the more better if traveling by your own vehicle. 

Travel Trends

With the pandemic situation still in a state of flux, here are key travel directives :- 

  • Gather as much information as you can about your travel destination .  
  • Secondly, keep yourself updated with news of flight, or whatever mode of transportation you are using for any changes .  
  • Lastly, check quarantine rules and regulations or tests required before embarking on your journey. This goes a long way in an unhurdled trip experience. 
  • Follow precautions, maintain social distancing and you are good to go !  

Travel Trends

Though my own personal take –  put on hold any travel plans for some more time. Be flexible and prepared for any modification or cancellations in an ambiguous situation!

 Just as the world, so also the tourism industry is going through a turmoil never known before.  Gearing up, discovering innovative ideas to attract customers, while adhering to SOP’s is the need of the hour. Digitalization of processes and activities must be incorporated, for guests to have a contactless, safe experience .  

In this scenario a major chunk of tourists are preferring sustainable travel choices . As such, a flexible booking or cancellation policy has become mandatory. Travel trends in future would nevertheless create an exciting, challenging opportunities for the world to adapt to.  




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