Picture yourself waking up to the sounds of chirping birds, rustling leaves and gurgling waterfalls! A clear blue sky and warm rays of the sun pouring into your soft, comfortable bed, touching your skin, through delicate, fragrant trees. Where soothing views of verdant hills, makes you forget all stress of work, filling your heart with happiness!  If this is not an epitome of a luxurious experience then what is? One which rejuvenates all of your five senses and evokes an array of emotions – joy, laughter and contentment. 


 If you have a deep connect with nature, and being close to the bounties of nature – hills, natural vegetation, waterfalls, gives you happiness and solace, miles away from the stress and hustle of a weary urban living, then this is the perfect spot. All of these and much more can be experienced at the Serai resort in Chikmaglur, Karnataka. Set at the foothills of the lush Mullayanagiri range in the western ghats, a perfect place for a short sojourn. The opulent resort is an epitome of luxury and comfort, set within coffee, spice plantations, and surrounded by rolling hills. Bringing back the emotional nostalgia of the carefree, childhood days.


Few things travelers like me really appreciate, which transforms a stay into a memorable one, is the personal touch and care such premier hotels offer. These for me are nothing less than luxurious experiences and give  immense happiness. Being greeted with cold coffee from their own coffee plantations by the courteous staff on arrival, along with fragrant flowers and freshening towels is a gesture that may seem trivial but does does makes a difference! Guests are instantly refreshed and feel at ease.  

serai villa

Or the hassle-free check-in, where you are immediately ushered to your plush villa, understanding that you would be weary after a long journey. Unlike in other hotels where you’re made to wait and complete formalities.  These are the things which make your stay a top class one, where you don’t have to be bothered about anything, and your mind is completely free. A bowl of fruits, chocolates, and tea/coffee machine in rooms add that feel good element too. Their authentic hospitality and empathy for visitors is an ultimate luxury experience. 

Here’s how to get the most from your stay!

DAY 1  

Wake up at leisure…. soaking in the tranquility of the glorious nature, without a care in the world. Breathe in the unpolluted, fresh air and pristine views. After finishing the lavish breakfast, stroll around the resort…admiring the beautiful fountains and astounding architecture. This is the time to check out the activities offered at the resort. Later, head back to your beautiful villa with a private pool to chill. The semi-open villa with full length sliding glass doors, provides great views of the outdoors, inviting nature in!  You have so many options for relaxation – swim in the privacy of your pool, sun-bathe doing nothing or soak in the bath tub using all the exotic aroma oils, gels and fragrant soaps stacked in the chic bathroom.  


A must do activity here is a guided walking tour of the coffee/ spice plantations, at their estate within the resort premises. On this outdoor tour guests get an opportunity to come in close communion with nature, discover variegated, aromatic plants and trees and absorb the serene environment. Wind up your eventful day with delicious dinner at their multi-cuisine restaurant. 

DAY 2 

For spa aficionados, Serai has a decent spa offering a range of therapeutic massages and treatments. Their signature massage treatments are a must do indulgence for people working long hours in offices to get rid of all stiffness and soreness from the body and replenish the mind, body and soul. Being environment conscious, they use plenty of locally grown natural and organic products. 

serai spa


Though the stay at the retreat is in itself a wholesome experience. For those who don’t want to miss sightseeing around the region, there are some nice places to explore including waterfalls. The surrounding hills have excellent trekking and hiking sites frequented by the adventurous. Also popular are the nature walks in the coffee and pepper plantations. 

Tea/coffee are beverages which are a favorite of the majority of us. If served with delicious snacks, there’s nothing more pleasing than that. High tea is a complimentary service offered at the grand foyer of the Serai every evening…..Embrace the enthralling views of forests and hills while enjoying your cup of tea, it surely uplifts the mood. 

We as humanity cannot thank God enough for his wonderful creations. To contribute our bit would be by preserving the flora and fauna of mother earth, and an effort to promote eco-tourism for future generations. It was a  luxurious trip at the Serai resort Chikmaglur – we came back feeling energetic, our hearts flowing with happiness and senses rejuvenated. 




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