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The pandemic has halted our lives to a great extent. Travel enthusiasts and holiday seekers are anxiously waiting for times when they’ll be able to take off again. Rather than rueing about the  uncertainty,  it’s a good idea to utilize this period preparing for future expeditions. Now is the time to explore ways to improve travel experiences! I have put together a list of few must buy things which would help in making your journey easier and convenient. Easily available online on Amazon, check out the links provided below :

`The Bucket List : 1000 Adventures Big and Small’ by Kath Stathers – this bestseller book is a highly recommended buy for every travel lover. The interesting tome covers almost all the continents of the world. The author has  elaborated about  great and unique travel ideas, useful tips and much more.

Packing Cubes – these are used to organize clothes and other items according to categories. Not just making packing easy, but clothes shall not be jumbled up in transit. Packing cubes can even be used at home, are durable and washable.

Earphones by Boat Bass head 100 – available in a wide range of attractive colors, these noise cancellation earphones are imperative while traveling.  Having an advantage of not being bulky, hence occupy less space.

Face wash and wipes by Himalaya –  these items are necessary while traveling. More so now in the current pandemic situation when sanitization is of utmost importance . Easy to carry and of a superior quality, it contains all natural products like turmeric, which are  free of chemicals or harsh substances.

E-gift cards from Amazon

E-gift cards are superb gifting ideas, saving us the hassle of ruminating about what gift to buy for friends and family, even on the go. Surprise them by gifting an e-gift card, so that they can pick up a gift of their choice. Available in denominations of 500, 1000, and so on, having validity of 1 year. In these times of no-contact handling, gift cards can be shared through email or link and are a safe gifting option. 

These are a handful of essential accessories that every traveler needs to have for a smooth travel experience. You’ll get them all on online, delivered straight to your homes!! If you found this article useful, do leave your comments.





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