What to pack for a cold weather vacation?  That’s the sole task that seems daunting for the majority of us in the midst of all the euphoria before zipping off for that cold weather vacation. And if it is for an exotic vacation, to the snowy peaks, preparations have to begin few days prior.  To make packing clothes for a cold weather vacation not so mind boggling, I have put together few tips .

First and foremost,  make a list of all the clothes and footwear required for a cold weather vacation so that you know what you have and what needs to be purchased.

Here is a list of clothes and footwear to pack for a cold weather vacation

  1. Sweater – two are sufficient. Always go for good quality cashmere wool sweaters, which though expensive are long lasting and keep you warm.
  2. Jackets – pack an insulated, good quality weather proof jacket with a hood . As jackets are bulky and occupy space, an extra jacket can be worn during travel/journey to save space. Nowadays, lot of lightweight woollens are available which are just as warm and durable and occupy less space.
  3. Thermals – in places where it snows, the temperature are likely to dip below sub zero levels. Wearing thermals as a base inside is an extremely effective way in keeping us warm. To be worn below shirt or pant, thermals are comfortable to wear and absorbent.
  4. Snow boots – are an essential requirement for a cold weather vacation. These water proof boots don’t skid on the slippery snow, and prevents water from seeping in, hence are extremely useful. Another pair of sneakers to be packed to be worn when the weather becomes better.
  5. Scarves, thick mufflers, woollen caps, and thick socks are smaller items which do not occupy a lot of space  and contribute immensely in keeping us warm. The head, neck and throat are sensitive areas, and need to be well covered and protected.
  6. Sun glasses – snow reflects harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, hence to protect the eyes from these harmful rays sun glasses are a must have.
  7. Body lotion, lip balm – in wintry weather the skin gets dry and flaky, cold cream comes to the rescue in maintaining smooth skin. 


Apart from what things to pack for a cold-weather vacation, here are some additional useful tips :-

Layering –In freezing temperatures, the ideal way to wear clothes is in layers so as to retain heat . Thermals are perfect as the base layer, followed by a full sleeved top/shirt. Wear a woollen sweater over this and finally top it up with a weather proof jacket. For the legs, put on flared or broad pants/jeans  over thermal leggings to trap the heat in the lower part of the body .

Isn’t it easy to remove a cap or glove and shove it inside the pocket of your trouser or jacket when all of a sudden the sunbeams out from the skies and the temperature rises? Remember to carry clothes with pockets especially on a cold weather vacation. It surely has more than one use.

Folks! This blog includes a comprehensive list of things to be packed for a cold weather vacation and few useful tips.




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